actually pretty happy...

And our Internet is hooked up again. Yay! How I've missed being online! And how I feel bad for leaving you all hanging after such a negative post.

Thanks to everyone for your support and kind words over the past week! Chaz and I have been in The Madison (our loft has a name, didn't you know?) for a week now, and, now that we've moved in, I think we're both feeling a lot better. There's much more space than we thought--this girl is all potential! So yay to that!

Below are some pictures of Maddy all empty to tide you over until we can actually get the furniture we need to set her up the way we want to.

Big thanks to The Landlords (as in Other Me and Mr. C's ex landlords) and 70s Snowsuit and Gids for being available all day to help us with the move. I don't know what we would have done without you--you are all true friends! Also thanks to our ex landlords for being so amazing. They made us sandwiches for lunch, brought us pop to get us through the wall cleaning, and gave us a lovely parting gift. I've said it before and I'll say it again: How lucky are we?! We find amazing and supportive people where ever we go, and for that I am truly grateful.

Ok, time to do some more unpacking (it feels like we haven't made progress on the unpacking, but I suppose that's what happens when you move during your busy time at work. As an aside, I don't recommend working 7 days straight right after you move. Especially if your co-worker is on holidays at that time as well. Is anyone surprised that I'm now sick? I know I'm not!). Anyhoodle, enjoy les photos and bask in the glory that is The Madison!

The view from the living room into the bedroom. How fun is it that we have a floor to ceiling window in our bedroom?! I love it! The light is AMAZING!

Our kitchen. The space is bigger than we are used to, but definitely less storage space than our last place. Oh well, we didn't need all the stuff we had anyway!

Some (but not all) of our living room windows! No more SAD for us!

Our bathroom. I LOVE the bathroom (minus the tiles that should be gorgeous gray--I'm sure I'll forget about that someday), it's big and fabulous!

Our bedroom.

Our glorious walk-in closet! Oh how I've been waiting to have more space. It scares me that we've already pretty much filled it. However did we make do in our last apartment?

The pillar in our closet. It takes up precious space, but I don't mind because I actually think it's pretty fun. And, really, there are worse places for a pillar.

Our laundry closet. It's so fun to not have to leave the apartment to do laundry!

Of course it had to snow on the day we moved. Thursday: gorgeous. Friday (move-in day): snow. Saturday: gorgeous. Sunday: gorgeous. Etc. It pretty much fits with everything else that happened around this whole process though, so it wasn't really surprising.

The King of Ping takes one for the team. Thank you!

The rest of the moving team! Have I said thank you enough yet? I should probably say it one more time: Thank you!

Chaz and I saying goodbye to Brunswick. We'll miss you!


oh so very disappointed...

That's not what I wanted the title of this post to be, but that's what it is because that's how I feel. We just got back from seeing the loft for the first time. I feel pretty stupid, actually, because I'm not sure how we convinced ourselves that it was going to be big enough (I blame the show room and the floor plan for being very misleading, but I know it's totally our fault for being silly). It's so small, in fact, that Charles and I are both kind of embarrassed to have any of you see it because I don't think you will be able to see it without wondering what we were thinking. And that feels pretty crappy. I think my quote that sums it all up is: "I wouldn't rent a place this small, how did we just buy one?" But, there you have it. It's ours and I'm determined to make the best of it. Just don't expect any house parties, as I'm not sure where we'd put more than 5 people. Le sigh.