I'm an auntie...

...kind of.

I've decided that since Bro-home gets called daddy, that makes me an auntie. So, like any proud auntie, I have to show off some pictures from my first meeting with Kix (so named because of her mad soccer skillz). I highly enjoyed my time with Kix, she's good times for sure.

Check out the wicked nap hair--isn't it stunning? I might have to start sporting something similar.

Kix loves playing with her 'ba'. She's also obsessed with Papa P. And, really, who could blame her? He's totally insane amounts of fun. Frankly I don't know where he gets the energy from, but Kix ate it up. And then came back for more.

The old full body ball push. Brilliant!

I just love this shot. So much happiness, all because of Mouse.

Kix's other claim to fame is dancing (and by dancing I mean leaning side to side to music). Here she is working it with Papa P. She was so into it she eventually had to put her hand on the dresser so that she wouldn't fall over. She was on fire!

more random mail!!

Here's the latest random mail that Chaz and I received. I'm pretty happy with it, especially because now we finally know who Jack Wood is! I sure can't wait to see what the month of March brings our way!!