only in the K-dub...

Chelle and Big Red came down not too long ago, and it was lovely to finally have them come out this way for a visit. It was a pretty low-key weekend because, well, work likes to suck the life out of me during the summer, but they pretended not to mind doing nothing all weekend and that's really all I needed. Thanks guys! *waves*

On our way to one of the many great restaurants in downtown K-town, we stumbled upon this, which is quite possibly one of the greatest random finds ever:

Luckily Chaz had the camera on him to capture that little gem. I enjoyed that as Chaz was taking the picture a couple women walked by and asked us what we were doing. We just pointed to the bike, thinking they'd understand as soon as they saw the gold on the ground, but we were wrong. They smiled a bit, I guess, but still seemed confused. Some people!

I do have to admit that we were a little confused too (but not regarding why Chaz was capturing that on film)...there was a clearly a very good story behind this and it was killing me that I didn't know what that story was. What on earth could have possessed someone to do that? I mean, it's amazing, and I'm so glad they did, BUT STILL. They actually saw the frame and thought they would get the last laugh by taping that sign to it? Genius! Anyway, so before I could make a story up in my head (ok, I can't lie to you, I started making up a story the second I saw the bike), we stumbled upon these (make a document once and save it in case you need it again, people, it's really that easy!):

It was all starting to make sense, and the story was better than anything I could have imagined. It makes me laugh that I know exactly what tree they are talking about because there were seriously10 or more bikes chained up to this one tree for the longest time and now they are all gone. Apparently only one of them was stolen though? I also enjoy that the bike was stolen over 4 months ago and this is the first time I've seen any of these signs (and I walk this route often) or any kind of stolen bike-related drama. That's good stuff right there!

Every time I walk by now I look for new developments in the story, but sadly I have none to report. I do have a hard time walking by without laughing though, so this all keeps making my day over and over again, which is nice.