more important breaking news!

Chaz and I finally got to meet Fabia on Friday, and boy is he cute! I totally dig how he's all about having his mouth open all the time--so precious! Congrats to The Landlords! Every one's doing fine, but unfortunately they have to keep mom and baby in the hospital, probably until Monday, until they can see a specialist just to make sure Fabia's all good.

Here I am with Fabia at the hospital last night...I like how crazy I look, especially with the red eye. I think people like me are the reason they keep the newborn ward locked at all times. I was a little scared to hold him, because, you know, I'm afraid of kids and all, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly, despite my complete lack of mother's instinct. I don't think I've ever been in the presence of a baby who wasn't even 24 hours old before...he's so tiny!

PS - Fabia isn't his real name, I promise, so don't go thinking The Landlords are terrible parents (we all referred to him as Fabia before he was born because, well, it was really funny). His real name is very masculine, not to worry.