it's my birthday...

...or it was on Monday, anyway. Thanks to everyone who sent some love my way that day, whether intentional or not (kilometres, you know I luv ya!).

I had a pretty great birthday, I must say. I took the day off from work and enjoyed a quiet day at home—so lovely. That night I had Secret Weapon and Other Me (seriously, people who know us get us confused…and I kind of like it) over for ice cream cake (I made it myself and didn’t drop it on the floor like I did with the one I made for Jimmy Tree, I was so proud of myself) and then we went out to Ethel’s for drinks. Dear, sweet Ethel’s, how you make me happy with your garage sale reject tables and chairs and your attitude-filled menu. What more could a person want for their birthday?

The only not-so-great thing was one of the gifts Chaz gave me. Not the shirts he got me from http://www.threadless.com/ - those are great (or they will be when they arrive…I’m counting down the days). No, no, Chaz decided to give me a cold for my birthday. Boo! It was my fault though. I was dumb enough to comment that I usually do a pretty good job of not catching other people’s colds, so it was like I was asking to get sick, really. Lesson learned.

I thought this birthday would be hard, considering it’s the big 2-6 and I’m getting that much closer to 30, but I have to say that last year’s birthday was definitely harder to take. Last year I was just getting ready to defend my thesis and then I was heading off to Japan for three months of adventure…maybe this sounds silly, but I felt like I hadn’t done very much with my life to fill my 25 years. I mean, sure, I’d gone pretty far in school, but that’s all I’d really done. Plus, I didn’t know what to expect from the future…I had no idea what kind of job I’d be able to get when I got back, how long it would be before I got a paycheque again, if I had made the right choice by studying Community Psychology, and all that stuff. Everything felt pretty up in the air, probably because it was. But this year I feel so much more settled, probably because I am. I have THE job, Chaz and I will have our own place soon (and I really like the place I’m living in now…I mean, we come home sometimes to find pie sitting outside our door waiting for us, you really can’t beat that!), I have Chaz, I have friends that I truly adore in the same city as me, and I’m starting to really like the K-dub. Happy 26th birthday to me!

In honour of my birthday, I’ve decided to make a list of 26 things I want to do this year. I figure if I put them on my blog, then people might ask me about them, so I have to follow through so as to not seem lame. Yay motivation!

1) Start some new volunteer work that allows me to make a difference in someone’s life

2) Actually go to the gym 3-6 times a week every week (unless I’m sick or hurt, of course) instead of just pretending I do

3) Try at least one new food every month

4) Make at least one new recipe every month

5) Start eating my veggies again (I miss them!)

6) Start drawing again

7) Start painting again

8) Call at least one non-family member every month (I’m so unimpressed with myself for losing touch with so many people…I hope to change that this year)

9) Make sure everyone who’s important in my life knows how truly important they are

10) Update my blog at least once a month (hopefully more)

11) Read at least two books for fun (I know that sounds really pathetic, but I never make time to read for fun, so I’m taking some baby steps on this one)

12) Set aside some dedicated me time at least once a week

13) Learn the names of all the regulars in the community centre I work in

14) Make a significant contribution to at least one youth program in the K-dub

15) Learn how to sew so I can make my own clothes and make things for the loft

16) Learn how to reupholster furniture

17) Have friends over for dinner or brunch at least once a month

18) Actually clean out my inbox (I’m at 8 pages now…eep!)

19) Actually reply to people’s e-mails in a timely fashion

20) Give my staff and co-workers positive feedback for everything, big and small, that they do that’s fabulous

21) Give my staff and co-workers useful, constructive feedback whenever I can

22) Take time to reflect critically on my own actions so that I keep learning and growing

23) Give myself a break every now and again…I know I’m not perfect, and so does everyone else, so who am I trying to fool…and why?

24) Shower Chaz with the affection he deserves at every possible moment

25) Stay informed/current on world events

26) Explore the city/region/province I live in…it’s time to make my life and my world a little bigger