the "Engrish" collection

These beauties came to me from Chelle and X-tina (except for the spoons…that one was from one of Mo’s friends…it was my first ever Engrish postcard). Thanks for thinking of me during your time in Japan you two! You’re the bestest!

What’s best about these cards is that you really don’t have to say much about them…I like to just sit back and enjoy their random nonsensical goodness while pondering what in the world people were trying to communicate. Dear, sweet Japan…so much goodness!

X-tina writes: Is this to congratulate someone on their new baby? Or is it for someone who just got a dog? And if it’s for the latter, why are you sending a postcard of a dog that may not look like the one your friend purchased? (Only one dog to choose from.) There are too many questions surround this card and I have too little space to write them all down. Have a great day, no matter what dog…or baby I am congratulating you on.

The Engrish on the front of this one is pretty good, but as Chaz noted, it’s the Engrish on the back that takes the cake. Chelle writes: “Well I know that’s the obvious without even being said, but I’m sure you like to be reminded now and then.” Gold!

the "kilometres goes to New York" collection

Kilometres writes: ... Anyway, then there was this card. Behold its glory! The Statue of Liberty has now been re-outfitted with a state of the art suit of armor to protect America from future terrorist attacks. Please also take note of the computer coloured green hand, not holding the Book of Justice, but a Sword of Vengence. Yep, times they are a changin' here in New York. As a final note, please also notice the lack of rebirth on the front pictures, unless you count the new incarnation of Lady Liberty as rebirth...but whatever. I had to mail this within Canada, I was afraid "they" could come after me.

Kilometres uses this postcard to rave about the superb elevators at the Marriott, the hotel he stayed at while in the Big Apple. Having never been to New York, I have never experienced “speed glass,” but it sounds like it’s worth the trip to New York just to check it out! TO NEW YORK!

PS - I love how the "fun" up the photos of boring old buildings with crazy rainbow colours. So chic!