the computer gods hate us...

I don't know what we said or did, but the computer gods are not happy with us at the moment (I've always thought they had something against my every since I bought my laptop, but now it seems they're not too happy with Chaz either...boo!!). Silly computers. Not only does my laptop suck so much that it's pretty much unusable, but now Chaz's computer has decided to crash and burn. Good times. Let's hope the guy we called can fix the computer and that buying a new hard drive isn't too expensive *gulp*

Signing off for a while...


ragged edge...

So, in cramming for my interview tomorrow, I came across this online magazine that really blew my mind and challenged me in ways I haven't been challenged in a long time. As much as I hate it because it makes me feel terrible, deep down inside I truly appreciate those moments when I realize that I'm still part of the problem, no matter how hard I try not to be.

Here's a bit from an article called "A Survivor's Manual" by S.L. Rosen that really hit me hard:

Society is my real handicap. as it is for all us survivors. I'm still waiting for the rehab therapists to tell us how to overcome an unjust society.

The phrase is never seen for what it really is. "Overcoming a handicap" serves, simply, to place the burden of coping with out-and-out discrimination on the shoulders of the oppressed group--us survivors. It's as simple as that. It's a neat trick, if you think about it; it gets society off the hook quite nicely, and puts all the responsibility for society's poor behavior on the very people society is behaving poorly toward. In other minority movements, it's been called "blaming the victim." It will work as long as we survivors allow it to.

Anyway, if you have some time to kill and you want to read some really thought-provoking articles, you might want to check out Ragged Edge Online (www.ragged-edge-mag.com).

That is all.


the moment you've all been waiting for...

Behold the pictures of our Bizen-yaki, kindly posted for me by my papa! Thanks dad! *waves*


this just in!

Our Bizen-yaki has arrived!!!

I know the last few months have probably been killing you all because you've all been dying to know how the pottery we made in Japan turned out, but if you can all hang on for just a few more days I'll post pictures as soon as The Parents send some my way *hint, hint*

Yay Bizen-yaki!!


so apparently i'm really bad at this whole updating thing...

Well, it's been an exciting week and a bit since I last updated this badboy, so here are some ramblings to bring you up-to-date...

- Last week I had the worst job interview ever. I won't get into the details here--although I really want to--but it was "bad news brown", as The Shoop would say. I WILL say that the whole shebang started by me not being able to open the door to the office of the agency I was interviewing with and then when the secretary told me the door gives a lot of people trouble, my brilliant reply was: "It's ok, I often have trouble with doors." (The sad thing is that I was totally telling the truth--just ask Chaz--but, really, did I need to tell her that?) Sadly, I should have quit while I was ahead...that was probably one of the more intelligent things I said during the interview... *sigh* Needless to say I left the interview laughing and shaking my head about how awful it was. Yay job-hunting! I was pretty sure I'd never hear from them again, but, because the world is a crazy, crazy place, I somehow managed to get the job. Sadly, the whole ordeal was such a gong show that I turned down the position (I'm crazy to turn away a paycheque when neither Chaz nor I have any sort of steady money coming in, I know, but it had to be done, trust me!).

- I've been submitting more resumes and I have a job interview next week that I'm pretty excited about. I'm also really nervous...this is going to be my first "real" interview (that is, my first interview for an actual career-type job where I need to know things and have experience...ahh!!).

- I feel kind of like I'm back in school again. Not only have I been meeting with my MA advisor to work on publishing my thesis (I'm STILL not ready to be working on it again, but what can you do?), I've also picked up some part-time work doing telephone interviews for him. Oh me, always going back for more...

- I'm still waiting to start work with my (very) part-time job working with people with disabilities. I have a few matches, but have yet to meet with any families...I can't wait to start...I sure do hate waiting...I have so much love to give, people!! This organization offers a lot of great training opportunities, so I'm trying to keep busy doing those. Last weekend I took a First Aid/CPR course, and next week I'm taking a Lifts and Transfers course (not that I think I'll ever need to lift or transfer anyone, but I like free learning, so I'm all over it. After Feb. 1, please see me for all of your lifting and transferring needs...I love to apply what I've learned!).

- I'm still trying to create a job for myself and things are coming along, but the process is SO SLOW, which is hard on someone like me who just hates waiting!

- Chaz and I are trying to makes efforts to support community events, so last night we went to a presentation at the library about eating local foods as a strategy for reducing greenhouse gases. It was super interesting...I'd never actually thought about how silly it is that we bring in foods from other countries when that same food is being grown locally. Seriously, people, what are we doing? Are we TRYING to destroy the planet as quickly as possible?? All signs point to yes.

- Last week I learned about freezing rain. It was insanity. I've never nearly fallen so many times in my life as when I was walking to my meeting last Tuesday afternoon (but I'm very proud of myself for not actually falling, although I need to admit that I let out far too many scared yelps as I was slipping and sliding around. I'm also proud of my knees for hanging in there, even though I could tell they really wanted to slip out. Let's hear it for my knees!!!). My most terrifying moment was when I was sliding down a driveway into oncoming traffic on Weber St. (a decently busy street here in the K-dub). Luckily I was somehow magically able to stop right before I ended up on the road, but it was pretty scary to just be sliding into the path of a car with no real way of stopping myself from being hit.

- I ADORE our new apartment. The nieghbours are SO GREAT...I feel such a sense of community already! The 82-year-old woman upstairs is so sweet I almost can't handle it. She calls Chaz my husband (which is really weird and always catches me off guard, but I don't have the heart to correct her), keeps offering to drive us around if we need anything, and loves to chat so much that she told Chaz that we were welcome to drop by for a visit anytime. Say it with me now, people, AWWWWW! The folks on the main floor are also very fabulous...Bambi, the dog who used to growl like mad at us, is now our best bud... Oh, and I finally met Benji's Owner, and she's super nice...she gave us "Welcome to the Neighbourhood Jelly" yesterday. Life is good!

Hmm...well I should probably stop now... I realize these update posts probably aren't very entertaining, but it's all I've got in me right now, I'm afraid. I'll try to work on some more stories from Japan when I have some time (but I have a busy few days coming up, so I'm guessing that won't happen until next week at the earliest).

Posse out...


it's been a while...

Hey everybody, I'm back!!! Whoo! Yeah! Alright!

A quick update:

Chaz and I are now officially back in the K-dub and we're settled-ish (not really, but I like to pretend). I'm pretty happy with our new place...there's lots of space (our living room is HUGE--I think--and visitors are always welcome to crash there!) and the people that live in our building are insanely nice. We also have neighbours that act like I think good neighbours should. That is to say, they say hi and introduce themselves and chat. I love it! I have also noticed that we have a few celebrity dogs in our neighbourhood. Benji lives next door and I saw the Littlest Hobo the other day (although I'm sure I won't see him again unless trouble's a-brewin', but it's nice to know he might be there if I need him).

I got a (very) part-time job working with people with disabilities that I'm pretty excited about...it won't pay the bills, but it'll be great experience, lots of fun, and I'll get some sweet training about of the deal. Giddy up. I'm still looking for more jobs though, so if anyone out there reading this blog has some extra cash lying around and would like to pay me to make the world a better place, just let me know and I'm there!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive, so you can now stop worrying. I still have many more Japan stories to share, so look for those in the near future (although Chaz and I are being forced to use DIALUP--the horror!--right now while Bell figures out why we can't connect to Highspeed so I might not be online much for the next little while. Excuses, excuses, I know).

Miss me!