I was expecting Kilometres, barbarians, and sushi, but not zombies!

This weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a while. It had all the makings of a kickassawesome weekend right from the start. I mean, it was a 4 day weekend (for me), it was Chaz’s birthday weekend, and kilometres was coming in. How could that not equal an amazing time?

The goodness began on Saturday morning when I made an ice cream cake (people just can’t get enough of my ice cream cake) and baked cookies (I had to show off my new mixer that I am obsessed with) while km prepared a lecture and Chaz worked at GiTi. Next, km and I picked up Other Me and Mr. C so that we could go on a quest to find some barbarian gear for the Conan the Barbarian themed birthday party we were throwing for Chaz that night.

Our first stop was a little store the French call Village des Valeurs. Here we found a few barbarian-tastic mugs, an oh-so-barbarian Davy Crockett hat, and some severely overpriced barbarian-esque goods that we decided to pass up ($34 for some barbarian fur is just too much!). Next we hit up a jackpot of a dollar store where we got some great barbarian shields, a barbarian princess crown, and a barbarian wizard hat. Then, because we were having so much fun shopping for barbarian goods, we headed to downtown k-town (the heart of it all) to see if we couldn’t do a little more damage. The downtown dollar store was full of good times, as we got a crapload of barbarian swords (and a special barbarian wizard sword), some barbarian gypsy accessories, and, arguably our greatest find of all, barbarians that grow when you put them in the water! It really was our lucky day! Next to the Bargain Shop where we found some more barbarian gypsy and barbarian wizard accessories and another killer find, a barbarian sword that lights up and makes very exciting sword noises (not only was this fun to play with, but Bru dog went crazy over it, which was so funny I just about cried). We also got some barbarian Bristol board paper so we could make a Conan the Barbarian poster to fun up the party a little bit (because clearly posters are where fun comes from).

Next stop was a used CD store that we thought might have some Conan the Barbarian posters that we could get for Chaz. This was quite the store. It was kind of hard to find the door because it was all boarded over. Once we got in we met who I assume to be the owner of the store…he was chatty and knowledgeable with just a hint of creepy (ok, so maybe there was more than a hint of creepy). There were hundreds of posters, so we each chose a section and got to work looking for all things barbarian. Luckily km hit the jackpot right away and found the posters that were as barbarian as we were going to get: thong-wearing nymph/dragon/fantasy posters. We really wanted to get the one with the thong wearing nymph, but the store owner helpfully pointed out that barbarian women weren’t built like the nymph on the poster. No, no, barbarian women had big hips and large breasts. Um, yeah, thanks for that. The best part was that he kept repeating it despite the fact that we had clearly understood him the first time. Can you stop saying “big breasts” now? Thanks. So then he started going on and on about Conan artwork and even pulled out some records that had Conan artwork on the cover (which is pretty amazing, I have to say…hence me having to admit that he was very knowledgeable), but he just wouldn’t stop. We were clearly all disinterested, but dude just kept on going. The only way we could make him stop was by leaving, but I’m thinking he likely kept talking about Conan even after we were gone. He might still be talking about Conan today, who knows?!

At this point it was getting pretty late, so km and I dropped Other Me and Mr. C off at their place and we went home to check up on Chaz and make our Conan poster. Luckily km did up a rough draft of the poster before we drew on the Bristol board or we might have totally screwed up the poster. I mean, imagine not leaving enough space to draw Conan’s head! That would be terrible! Thank goodness for careful planning!

So off we went to the party and good times were had by all! Thanks again to Other Me and Mr. C for hosting so that we could actually watch the Conan movie during the party (it’s times like these that I feel like Chaz and I need to work on getting a TV). I don’t want to steal Chaz’s thunder (since it was his birthday and all), so I won’t post many pictures…but here are a few to tide you all over until Chaz gets a chance to update his blog.

Chaz the Barbarian (sans barbarian wig)

Wizard the Barbarian (check out those mad wizard handz)

Princess the Barbarian

Caveman the Barbarian (aka Barbarian Brain)

Gypsy the Barbarian

there really aren’t many people you can just go take zombie pictures with…

On Sunday we went for Chaz’s birthday all-you-can-eat sushi brunch and it was all kinds of delicious. We were very happy that Other Me and Mr. C joined us for the sushi madness (not only did we enjoy their company, but the more people you go with, the more things you can try!).

As we were leaving the restaurant we somehow started talking about zombies and how Other Me and Mr. C were planning on doing a photo journal of all the places in the K-dub where zombies might live. It could have been the sushi high talking, but we all decided that this was something that needed to be done sooner rather than later, so off we went to take zombie pictures. What I learned/observed:

1) If you want a good laugh, go run around being a zombie in public. Your belly will thank you for it!

2) I have a lot of work to do on my zombie face.

3) km has a mean zombie face.

4) I have a hard time acting like a zombie unless I am making zombie noises. Sadly, zombie noises make me choke. There was a lot of choking going on.

5) There are a lot of places that zombies might live in the K-dub. I really hope there isn’t a zombie outbreak around here or we’ll all be in a lot of trouble.

6) I’m really happy that I have the kind of carefree life that allows me to spend a weekend dressed up like a barbarian and acting like a zombie. I lead a good life.

7) Other Me and Mr. C really are good people. I was thinking about it last night, and it’s really hard to find people who are up for pretty much anything anytime like they are, and I’m ever so thankful to have them here in the K-dub. Thank you so much for making our lives so much more entertaining. I truly do think you guys are the greatest and I’m not sure what I did without you!!

Not content just to take pictures of zombies, we also got a little more mileage out of the barbarian swords by having a sword fight in the park. Chaz and km were so exciting that even an old man in the park couldn’t help but get caught up in the battle.

After that it was back to Other Me and Mr. C’s for hot chocolate, Bru dog tricks, and a movie about space zombies (kind of). The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

the world’s most luscious wig and a Davy Crockett hat….

Kilometres tried out a new look this weekend and I think it really worked for him. I’m hoping that he is inspired to grow his hair out now…

Did it just get sexier in here?


I'm coming home!!

Watch out Saskatchewan, I’ll be home from December 17 to 31! Yay!

I expect that there will be much candy eating and cookie decoration making (yeah, that’s right Chelle, I’m talking to you!). I also hope that there will be some gingerbread house making (Shoop?). And perhaps some postcard writing? Let the planning begin!

That is all.