the poor little animals...

I love when kilometres comes to visit—there’s never a dull moment.

After we showed off our new loft (for those of you who don't know, Chaz and I bought a loft that has yet to be built...we're supposed to move in at the end of March next year...I can't wait!) we went to W-loo Park to see the animals. As I’m sure you can imagine, wackiness ensued.

I wanted him to feed more animals, but apparently he has limits or something. How lame it that?! I mean, really!

meet Coco-jo

This is Coco-jo…how cute is he? He liked when I chanted Co-co-jo.

km almost got to feed him, but some girl had our grass beat with carrots…we didn’t stand a chance, really.

The money shot. Thanks, Chaz.

dear, sweet animals...

This picture makes me happy…dear, sweet crazy-eye. Rach, perhaps we can set this goat up with wonkey-eye!

Watching goats eat celery is surprisingly entertaining, especially when they eat it all in one gulp…we have a great video, ask to see it.

This little guy was so funny...he was was all about ramming the bigger goats to get food. I liked it a lot.