happy birthday to me!

I recently celebrated my champagne birthday (with actual champagne--aka bubbly--thanks 70s Snowsuit and Gids!). I thought it was going to go by pretty much unnoticed given that Chaz wasn't around and I'm not one to make too big a deal out of my birthday, but it actually turned out to be a very fabulous birthday (probably because all the sweet gestures were so unexpected). My supervisor brought me a card that confused everyone at my community centre (they were convinced that it was not my birthday...and it took 3 people to figure out that it was, which obviously makes me insane with happiness, because that's so them), The Landlords brought me flowers to work (and when I wasn't in the office they used their spare keys to actually leave them in the Madison--it was pretty confusing), Other Me The DCC Edition made me this fantastic card (that will become a t-shirt!) and got me a kick-ass Flight of the Concords calendar, peeps from City Hall brought me a cupcake from the most amazing cake store ever (for reals, if you come visit me I am taking you for cupcakes...I'm a little hooked), we had a work potluck in celebration of me (read: because we do staff socials every once in a while and it just so happened to fall on my birthday this year), tonnes of people called and e-mailed their love...it was a lot of goodness, I tells ya!

Because I couldn't let the good times end, I also planned a painting/birthday/quesidilla/fire party chez The Landlords. How great are The Landlords? Not only did they come and help me paint, they also opened up their home for a party...I am seriously way too luck to have them in my life. As if all that goodness wasn't enough a certain someone made a special guest appearance...I was so thrilled I didn't know what to do!

Oh Chaz, you are always so full of surprises! I'm not sure how you coordinated all of this without even so much as dropping a hint that you would be in the K-dub, but good on 'ya! Best birthday surprise ever!

I wasn't the only one who was super happy to see Chaz!

In true Chaz form he didn't waste any time grabbing a drink and one of Fabia's books to entertain his fans.

Fabia just couldn't stay away from Uncle Funtime...who can, really?

Chaz and Mrs. Landlord posing near the fire (that, despite our best efforts, lacked Funky Coloured Flames).

Chaz just loves fires!

Mr. Landlord and Chaz chillin' by the fire. Everyone was so excited to see Chaz they just couldn't keep their hands off him!

This is the part where I think Chaz had a little too much to drink...

farewell, sweet Chaz

Well, Chaz has officially moved to Saskatoon. Life is a little less exciting around here now that he's gone, but I have to say everyone in the K-dub has really stepped up to ensure that I'm doing ok and that's I'm never bored. Thanks everyone!

As a tribute to the lovely Chaz and how much I will (and do) miss him, please enjoy these photos that were taken while he was cleaning out the closest before he left.

Also, please note our fabulous bedroom wall colour. Photos of the painted loft coming as soon as I actually finish painting...who knew it would take so long? Seriously!