the Living Desert...

Our first major touristy outing after my aunt and uncle left was to hit up the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens. It was a great way to spend a day... We saw all kinds of African and North American desert wildlife exhibits, got up close and personal with hummingbirds and butterflies (one of the hummingbirds tried to attacked me...and I liked it!), toured the wildlife hospital, went on a desert hike, took in the Wildlife Wonders show (lots of very fabulous animals and birds or pray), and learned a lot about the desert and desert plant life from a volunteer who was clearly a desert fanatic.

We also got to feed the giraffes. I learned that you don't feed them like a horse. You have to drop the food onto their tongue. I was also reminded of what I learned in Japan--those giraffes have LONG tongues. It's almost scary when one of them is coming at you!

There was some serious necking going on and it almost made me explode with happiness!

We're smart and decided to go on a desert hike around noon-ish. It was a lovely hike but I have to admit I was excited when it was over and we went inside for lunch. It really wasn't supposed to be that hot...

The Old Silver Fox enjoying the little bit of shade we found.


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I always knew your mom was a butterfly!

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