Palm Canyon

The next day we decided to check out Palm Canyon:

Fifteen miles long, Palm Canyon is one of the great beauty spots in Western North America. Its indigenous flora and fauna, which the Cahuilla peoples so expertly used, and its abundant Washingtonia filifera (California Fan palm trees), are breathtaking contrasts to the stark, rocky gorges and barren desert lands beyond.

There were lots of canyons and parks we could have visited, but I'm very glad we chose Palm Canyon. I mean, look at that! Also, palms = shade, and that's very important when it's 30 degrees and you're in a desert.

I'm sure we're probably not supposed to touch that, but no one tells the Old Silver Fox what to do!

Awww... I would like to take a moment to thank the sponsors of my trip. Thanks parents!

We're probably not supposed to do stuff like that either, but, what can you do? One thing I've learned from my job is that seniors (aka: older adults, adults 50+, adults 50 and better) are set in there ways and there's no sense in trying to make them change. At least I think that's what everyone has been telling me...


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