On Sunday we did what everyone who's anyone does--we went for brunch at L'Avenue! You're guaranteed to stand in a line, but it's sooo worth it (especially when there is a manequin to entertain you).

I was a little sad that they didn't have my favourite (caramelized bananas with English cream crepes) on the menu anymore--maybe it's just a summer thing?--but the banana and nutella crepes I had were delicious!

Once I was finally able to pay our bill (I think it took about 4 tries...thank goodness our waitress had a good sense of humour!), Rach and I did a little birthday-engagement shopping for Chelle.

After that we headed over to Mont Royal for some Tam-tam/Duck Tape Warrior action. Rach snapped a few pictures of her boy-crush but, for some reason, waited until he started to get dressed before she decided she wanted to take pictures of him. Can you spot him?

After that we walked around for a bit (always searching for more birthday-engagement presents) and, of course, took some time to play in the snow.


Blogger Rach said...

Dear sweet shirtless Legolas. He was so young (I assume) but may have been the best part of my day. I am a sucker for a hippie.

11/07/2008 4:00 p.m.  
Blogger Kilometres said...

Is that Rach creepily standing on the hill behind him?

And I identified him correctly! I knew it was the shirtless hippie! Rach seems like the kind of girl who would dig a shirtless hippie.

11/18/2008 7:34 p.m.  

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