it's a boy!

Well, we finally got to bring Jimmy (aka Jiminy, aka Jimmy/Jiminy, aka J/J) home from the dealership today, and boy was it fun! Sadly, it decided to rain this morning, so we didn’t get to enjoy shiny waxed up Jimmy for very long (he’s already dirty…sigh). Regardless, he was still turning heads around town. When we were downtown we caught a woman checking him out (she even had to take a closer look) and when we were showing Jimmy off to Chaz’s manager at the GiTi, some random passer-by commented on his fabulousness. Such a proud momma I am! When it stops raining I’ll post some pictures of his space-tasticness. Until then, here are some pictures of us taking Jimmy out on the town. Enjoy!

This is now the view from our living room window. Hi Jimmy! *waves*

There’s a whole lot of squirrel action out there, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that none of them try to cache a sandwich in poor Jimmy, like the Kingston squirrels did to poor Flo with a silent G (see km's blog Miles from Nowhere for the pictures if you haven’t already).


the Fit is go!

Check out my new ride! I think his name is Jimmy, but we'll see if he feels like a Jimmy when I drive him. I guess I'll find out next week when I pick him up all shiny and full of gas. Now you all have to come visit so I can drive you around. More pictures to come...


i love fortune cookies...

Part of it might because they are associated with Chinese food, which, in my opinion, is pretty much always a good thing. Also, I guess I think they are a pretty fun and tasty way to end a meal. But, really, I think I like them so much because my fortunes always end up being creepily accurate. The fortune cookie I got when Chaz and I ordered Chinese on Friday was no exception. My fortune: An exciting new job is about to present itself. How perfect is that?

My first day of work is going to be on May 1, the first day of INTERNATIONAL YOUTH WEEK (mark your calendars, people), which means things are going to be insane. But I think it’s better to start off that way than to just sit in an office and read all week. Hopefully I’ll still feel that way on May 7 (yeah, my first week is even a 6 day work week…bring it on!). I'm also pretty excited about my "boss". I can tell from the few times we've talked that she is one of the most caring and considerate human beings on the face of the planet. Every time we talk she mentions how excited she is to have me on board, which is so nice to hear when you're a little nervous about your first real job. She's also already done so much for me that I can't even begin to thank her, and, yeah, I haven't even started yet. She clearly cares a great deal about the people she works with, and you can’t ask for much more than that, especially from your boss, so all signs point to this job ruling me.

The least good thing about this job is that I have to have a car for it (and if you know me you know that I had vowed to go as long as possible without buying a car…I sure didn’t hold out very long on that one, hey?). Chaz and I went car shopping yesterday and we have it narrowed down to a Honda Fit and a Toyota Yaris (sorry KM, but the Smart didn’t make the cut). I think I’d be fine with either, but I think the Fit is winning right now. It’s bigger, the seats are unbelievable amounts of comfy (seriously, I didn’t want to get out…it’s like a Lay-Z-Boy from heaven), and when driving it I just couldn’t help but say “WHEEEEEEE!!!” over and over again (especially while driving around in circles in empty parking lots…Chaz doesn’t seem to know that this is an important test for a car to pass. It’s kind of like how you need to do the jump test when buying clothing…but I don’t think Chaz gets the jump test either). The only thing that makes me think twice is the price… Toyota clearly wants to see us in one of their cars more than Honda does because they’re all about the deals. But, yeah, I dunno, the Fit still seems to be winning (it’s almost like I need Honda more than Honda needs me, which, of course, only makes me need Honda more. Oh Honda. So aloof. So cocky. So irresistible. So Honda.). Have I ever mentioned that I hate cars? Or maybe it’s just that I hate making decisions. Or maybe it’s just that I hate making IMPORTANT decisions, especially those involving money I don’t even have yet. I’m sooo not ready to be a grown up!


who's the new Youth Coordinator for the City?

It's me! It's me!

I just want to give a little shout out to The Chrises for everything they did to help me get this job…you guys are the best!!!